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Blue Blockers

All UVShield filters absorb ultraviolet radiation to 400nm-radiation that is causally related to cataract formation. Many UVShield filters absorb energy through the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm) to provide a more soothing, comfortable viewing experience. This visible spectrum absorption (commonly known as Blue Blocker Protection) protects the retina against long-term exposure to high-energy wavelengths, which are increasingly associated with the deterioration of the center of the retina and may contribute to the degenerative process known as macular degeneration.

MD Support, a leading low vision consumer organization, recommends amber, yellow or orange lenses for best protection of the retina from blue light wavelengths. For more information on the blue light hazard, see

"Blue Blocker Protection" doesn't simply protect the eyes for the long-term; it also affords immediate visual benefits, most notably cutting glare and enhancing contrast. Technically, glare relief is achieved by filtering the short-to-medium wavelengths of the visible spectrum (blue-green-yellow), which scatter within the opacities in the ocular media, and allowing only the longer wavelengths to reach the retina. UVShield "Blue-Blockers," including the amber, yellow, plum and orange filters, cut the glare from reflected surfaces (snow, water, sidewalks, windshields and store windows) and make for more comfortable experiences for both recreational activities, such as boating, fishing, golfing, and daily activities, including shopping, driving and working in the yard.

Contrast enhancement is also a function of the "Blue Blocker" effect of reducing the shorter wavelengths. "Blue Blockers" have the additional benefit of highlighting visual distinction and enhancing contrast, which makes for a more comfortable experience, whether for driving and reading street signs, or for enjoying the outdoors.

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