A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. A cataract is apparent within the lens (nucleus, cortex and capsule) when the nucleus becomes opaque or when small opacities develop in the cortex, blocking or scattering light.

Effects of Cataract

  • Blurred distance vision, especially outdoors.
  • Headlights and stoplights appear to have streaks or halos.
  • Discomfort Glare Sensitivity
  • Veiling Glare Sensitivity
  • Decreased Contrast Sensitivity
  • Reading ability is impaired because print appears faded and lacks contrast.
  • Color distinction is impaired, blues appear green and yellow appear white.

Post-Cataract Glasses

Post-cataract patients are often highly light sensitive. NoIR UVShields offer 100% UV protection, attenuation of visible light to increase patient comfort and can be worn alone or over traditional prescription glasses.