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Achromatopsia is characterized by the lack of normal "cone vision." Where normal eyes have 6 million cone photoreceptors, located mostly at the center of the retina, achromats have far fewer and rely on "rod vision." Rods do not provide color vision or good detail vision, thus achromat patients are typically totally colorblind or almost totally colorblind, and have poor visual acuity.

Effects of Achromatopsia
(Varying degrees of effects between achromats)

  • Dazzling Glare Sensitivity
  • Discomfort Glare Sensitivity n Colorblindness
  • Poor Visual Acuity
  • Problems adapting to high levels of light causing photophobia in bright lighting.
  • Some photophobia in indoor and low lighting settings.

Suggested Products

Glare Shield products have UV protection and are specifically designed to reduce glare.
570 39% Dark Red/Orange

UVShields are standard products with UV protection.


45% Medium Red
93 4% Dark Red
98 59% Light Red
26 75% Blue

NoIR products have UV and IR protection.
95 14% Medium Red
99 4% Dark Red

Percents (%) represent amount of visible light transmitted through each lens.

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