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  • Glare is the "the dazzling sensation of relatively bright light, which produces unpleasantness or discomfort, or which interferes with optimum vision" (Cline, Hofstetter, & Griffin, 1989, p.292).
  • Glare is identified as the number one problem for the visually impaired.

Discomfort Glare

  • Discomfort glare occurs when widely varied levels of brightness exist concurrently within the eye's visual field(Rosenberg, 1984).
  • Sunglasses with top and side-shield protection help minimize discomfort glare from the field of view.

Dazzling Glare

  • Dazzling glare, also know as photophobia, occurs when an individual experiences extreme visual sensitivity to ambient light.
  • Dazzling glare can be relieved with filters that attenuate (or lower the visible light transmission) across the complete visible spectrum.
  • Use the lightest filter possible, since for every drop in percent transmission there is a corresponding drop in visual acuity.

Veiling Glare

  • Veiling glare (also called disabling glare) is "stray light that interferes with visual resolution because it is random and thereby reduces the contrast of the figure/ground in the retinal image" (Rosenberg, 1984, p. 197).
  • Low Vision sunglasses that filter short-to-medium wavelengths of the visible light spectrum can help reduce Veiling Glare. These amber, brown and orange filters are commonly known as “Blue- Blockers.”

The NoIR Filter System for Glare

  • The NoIR Filter System minimizes eye discomfort and maximizes visual resolution by filtering the short-to-medium wavelengths of the visible spectrum.
  • NoIR filters provide critical top and side- shield protection for complete glare protection.

Suggested Products

Glare Shield products have UV protection and are specifically designed to reduce glare.
465 70% Yellow
533 35% Amber/Orange
553 52% Red/Orange

UVShields are standard products with UV protection.
21 32% Medium Grey
22 13% Dark Grey
23 4% Dark Grey
32 10% Medium Grey-Green
40* 16% Medium Amber
42P* 21.2% Polarized Grey


25.9% Polarized Amber
47 40% Topaz
60 54% Medium Yellow
81 20% Medium Plum
88 40% Light Plum
80 4% Dark Plum
*Available in SpectraShield frames only

NoIR products have UV and IR protection.
11 40% Light Amber
01 10% Medium Amber
07 2% Dark Amber
12 40% Light Grey-Green
02 18% Medium Grey-Green
08 1% Dark Grey-Green

Percents (%) represent amount of visible light transmitted through each lens.

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