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Glaucoma is characterized by a blockage of the aqueous humor, the fluid which normally drains from the front part of the eye. As the internal pressure of the eye increases, the optic nerve is compressed, eventually causing the death of nerve cells and possible permanent vision loss.

Effects of Glaucoma

  • Decreased Contrast Sensitivity
  • Night Blindness
  • Decreased Response to Magnification
  • Loss of Peripheral Vision
  • Increased Illumination Requirements

Suggested Products

Glare Shield products have UV protection and are specifically designed to reduce glare.
465 70% Yellow

UVShields are standard products with UV protection.


25.9% Polarized Amber
42P* 21.2% Polarized Grey
21 32% Medium Grey
22 13% Dark Grey
81 20% Medium Plum
40 16% Medium Amber
50 54% Medium Yellow
*Available in SpectraShield frames only

NoIR products have UV and IR protection.
12 40% Light Grey-Green
01 10% Medium Amber
02 18% Medium Grey-Green

Percents (%) represent amount of visible light transmitted through each lens.

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