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Retinis Pigmentosa

A group of diseases, often hereditary, characterized by degeneration of both retinas, beginning in childhood and progressing to blindness by middle age. Clinical signs include a reduced range of vision, an inability to see in dim light, loss of color of the retina, degeneration of the central part of the retina, and eventual vision loss.

Effects of Retinis Pigmentosa

  • Discomfort Glare Sensitivity
  • Dazzling Glare Sensitivity
  • Decreased Contrast Sensitivity
  • Night Blindness
  • Decreased Response to Magnification
  • Loss of Peripheral (side) Vision
  • Increased Illumination Requirements

Suggested Products

Glare Shield products have UV protection and are specifically designed to reduce glare.
533 35% Amber/Orange
553 52% Red/Orange

UVShields are standard products with UV protection.
23 4% Dark Grey
43 4% Dark Amber
60 49% Orange

NoIR products have UV and IR protection.
01 10% Medium Amber
07 2% Dark Amber
08 1% Dark Grey-Green

Percents (%) represent amount of visible light transmitted through each lens.

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