Glare is identified as the number one problem for the visually impaired. Glare is considered the "the dazzling sensation of relatively bright light, which produces unpleasantness or discomfort, or which interferes with optimum vision" (Cline, Hofstetter, & Griffin, 1989, p.292).

Discomfort Glare

  • Discomfort glare occurs when widely varied levels of brightness exist concurrently within the eye's visual field(Rosenberg, 1984).
  • Sunglasses with top and side-shield protection help minimize discomfort glare from the field of view.

Dazzling Glare

  • Dazzling glare, also know as photophobia, occurs when an individual experiences extreme visual sensitivity to ambient light.
  • Dazzling glare can be relieved with filters that attenuate (or lower the visible light transmission) across the complete visible spectrum.
  • Use the lightest filter possible, since for every drop in percent transmission there is a corresponding drop in visual acuity.

Veiling Glare

  • Veiling glare (also called disabling glare) is "stray light that interferes with visual resolution because it is random and thereby reduces the contrast of the figure/ground in the retinal image" (Rosenberg, 1984, p. 197).
  • Low Vision sunglasses that filter short-to-medium wavelengths of the visible light spectrum can help reduce Veiling Glare. These amber, brown and orange filters are commonly known as “Blue- Blockers.”

The NoIR Filter System for Glare

  • The NoIR Filter System minimizes eye discomfort and maximizes visual resolution by filtering the short-to-medium wavelengths of the visible spectrum.
  • NoIR filters provide critical top and side- shield protection for complete glare protection.