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Frame Dimensions & Sizing
Inside: 130mm x 43mm
Outside: 18mm x 45mm
Temple: 140mm
Eye: 44mm
Inside: 140mm x 46mm
Outside: 148 x 48mm
Temple: 138mm
Eye: 48mm
Inside: 136mm x 52mm
Outside: 139mm x 53mm
Temple: 135mm
Eye: 50mm
Inside: 152mm x 52mm
Outside: 155mm x 55mm
Temple: 145mm
Eye: 50mm
Inside: 155mm x 52mm
Outside: 158mm x 53mm
Temple: 149mm
Eye: 53mm
134mm x 70mm
126mm x 55mm
Inside: 135mm x 50mm
Outside: 144mm x 53mm
Temple: 132mm
Eye: 62mm
Inside: 130mm x 46mm
Temple: 120mm
Eye: 70mm
Inside: 145mm x 53mm
Outside: 154mm x 55mm
Temple: 140mm
Eye: 68mm
Inside: 140mm x 47mm
Outside: 153mm x 50mm
Temple: 135mm
Eye: 65mm
Inside: 144mm x 50mm
Outside: 156mm x 54mm
Temple: 138mm
Eye: 68mm
Inside: 132mm x 42mm
Outside: 138mm x 60mm
Temple: 130mm
Eye: 58mm
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