Safety -- Dependability -- Comfort -- Guaranteed

NoIR offers a full spectrum of fashionable, functional and affordable sunglass filters. With over 50 different lens colors and transmission characteristics absorbing ultraviolet, visible and infrared energy, the NoIR lens system can help maximize functional vision, enhance contrast and provide comfort against disabling glare. NoIR and UVShield filters may increase mobility and provide relief from the light-sensitivity and discomfort related to the onset of macular degeneration and other vision-impairments, including night-blindness.
All NoIR/UVShield filters absorb ultraviolet radiation to 400nm, with many lenses also blocking blue light, protecting the retina from high-energy wavelengths which may contribute to the degenerative process culminating in macular degeneration. NoIR series filters also cut infrared wavelengths, ‘cooling’ the light by reducing the heat energy of the sun to provide a more soothing, comfortable viewing experience.
NoIR Low Vision Filters have become the point where utility and comfort converge by providing essential light management, visiblity, and protection with an eye on wear-ability. NoIR sunglasses are available in 17 comfortable and good-looking styles, many with top and side-shield protection and designed to fit over prescription glasses. The NoIR Low Vision Filter System is made in the USA.